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Photography is one of my hobby and I shot this in Yosemite National Park and these flowers are all over the place! I don’t know what they are called. They look like magnolia to me […]


Graphic Design

1-Page 8.5×11 Flyer. This was the project I have done in school. We had to redesign it from the original. The original wasn’t very good and so we were asked to redesign this one. This […]


Responsive Design

We know that this is the era of Information Age and many businesses have gone digital. Some of the bank and credit cards appreciates even more if you go paperless because this saves them the […]


Website Design

I’ve designed this website on Dreamweaver. The template is from TemplateWorld. From their template, I have customize it according to my business identity. If you have the knowledge of HTML, you can do the same […]


Logo Design

Your logo is an important image of your company… Your company’s logo is one of the most important image to establish consistency with your customers. Coca-cola and Pepsi cola, for instance, created their unique images. […]


Business Card

A lot of businesses are going paperless but… …whether you like it or not we cannot eliminate business cards. This is one of the most important tool that will be remained for the longest time. […]

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Fear Of Their Computer

It was that one afternoon when me and my sister decided to go to Starbucks. She wanted me to teach her how to do her resume online. And so we bought coffee and sat down. […]

Do You Know Your Why’s?

Last time when I went to the like-minded professionals MEETUP group of Fresno Successful Thinkers, the speaker asked, “Do you know your why’s?” And so I raised my hand and said, “I believe your Why’s should […]

My 2nd Blog Anniversary

Today is my 2nd Blog Anniversary. And I wasn’t planning on posting today either. This is something spontaneous. Something that I should perhaps communicate to my faithful readers. I want to thank you from the […]