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Today, I am focusing on my target and that’s Angela McCall. I am the product. And my expertise is on graphic designs and social media marketing. When I asked Adrienne Smith on the phone about my other two blogs, she said just drop it. Concentrate only on “one” niche.

I guess I was juggling too many things on my hands and eventually some things has to drop. Mind you, I had seven domains and my original plan was to set up each website and create a different niche on each blog. But that is a total NO-NO!!! Steve Scott’s approach is totally different from any other Internet marketer I’ve ever seen. They have so many junks out there, it’s unbelievably CRAZY!!! They have things like “autopilot” that promise you the world and claims you’ll make 6-figures in no time but all they wanted to do is SUCK your money. They have things like “get paid to fill up a survey.” Get paid to twitter, facebook, youtube at home and you’ll make your 6-figures in a short time!!! Affiliate yourself with ClickBank…yada..yada… All of these LIES were bombarded at me. I spent $77 dollars on Paid Social Media Jobs. And although they have valuable informations in there, not everything is true. He tells me “blogging” are for advance social media marketer. And that if I’m gonna start blogging, I should pick a niche that I’m passionate about. While I think that is true…he didn’t tell me that I should concentrate ONLY on one niche. It’s very vague. It’s very misleading.

One time I posted something on “WordPress Let’s Build It Together” Google+ community this: I know some people can manage 200 websites and so far I have 7 domains, how many websites can you manage? Rob, the admin in this community, said to me, “Just ONE. I don’t think I can manage too many blogs at one time. Only a web hosting service can have 200 domains!” Wow, that really open my eyes. Then when I asked Adrienne, “Do you think I should keep doing Health Matters and Love, Sex, Marriage websites…I mean they’re only a niche websites.” She said, No. “I would only keep one.” That again, OPEN UP MY EYES!!!!

So now I just wasted my money on 6-extra domains that I didn’t need. Spent 2-paid WordPress themes from Also bought another child theme for Genesis frame that I didn’t need; thinking I would build another website with a different niche. Wow, I felt like I blew it. No wonder I was getting all stressed out because I was focusing on so many different things!

So let’s rewind the tape…this time I’m only focusing on ONE product and that is Angela McCall. My expertise is graphic design and social media. I am spearheading towards web designs. I want to help others build their “headers” for their web. Help them buildup their WordPress blog. Design logos for their companies. Coach them whenever they need help in this area. This is what I’m good at. And so this is what I am FOCUSING — Angela McCall. Her service: Graphic Designs. Social media are the tools and I am only focusing on ONE blog.

Can you relate to this experience? Have you ever done something similar to what I have done, that if you know what you knew then you would have done it differently? Share me your experience and please make your comment below.

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  1. says

    I have taken on too many projects at once before. Actually, I have done it many times! I have decided to put most of my effort into my blog. I think it is hard for certain people to focus on one project at a time but I am trying to make it happen.

    • says

      Every single successful blogger I talked to concentrate only on ONE blog. And so I feel so much lighter now that I can only focus on 1 instead of 7 different things. It’s like when one say, “master of all trades master of none!” I think bloggers should concentrate only on ONE that they are very passionate about.

  2. says

    Hey Angela,

    You are not alone because so many people do things differently online.

    Back in the day you could throw up several blogs, put a little content on them, put up some ads and you’d make money. Those sites won’t rank now because that’s not what kind of information the search engines want to share.

    One of the main issues people have is thinking they have so many interests that they can make money in them all. It’s a great thought but you have to build the sites and then generate traffic to all of them. If you think it’s hard enough with just one blog, do it for five!

    You need to definitely stay focused and put all your energy into one niche and build that. After you’ve built that up and if you’re ready to expand then do it then.

    You’re on the right track here girl because you are so talented and I know this is what you enjoy doing for people. I’m excited for you so thanks for getting this important message out to everyone.

    Great job and enjoy your weekend.


    • says

      You are the living proof, Adrienne. You are the great MODEL for all of us bloggers, business entrepreneurs, and social media marketers. Steve Scott is also another model figure…I just downloaded his PDF and haven’t read a thing just yet. There’s like 10 pdf I have to read…can’t wait. As soon as I finished the logo/headers I’m doing for you. I’ll read…I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! This excitement is enough to keep me for a lifetime!!!! hahahaha… and YES I LOVE WHAT I’M DOING!!!!!!!! *big smile*

  3. says

    Hi Angela

    I can so relate to this post. I find it well-nigh impossible to focus – probably because I have had a little (operative word!) success in a few things, so it’s hard to know which to go with. And the most difficult thing for me to accept is that the thing I am most passionate about is what I’ve had least success with. So far :-)

    Anyway, I am having a SERIOUS cull of my excess of blogs.

    Don’t feel bad about wasting a few $$ on a few domains. You’ve seen the light now and those few $$ are NOTHING compared to wasting your most precious resource – your time.

    You have a talent that many of us wish we had and you’ll do really well.

    • says

      Hi Joy!

      So, did I hear the right thing, the thing you are most passionate about is the least success you have had. I know your “Nutrition” site is doing well, it finally went #1 on Google search. So which blog is that if you don’t mind me asking.

      Well, for me…I love “health and nutrition” because we are already putting it to practice. I love “love & relationship” blog because I’m just passionate about what people are going through and happy to hear when I helped someone. However, I cannot interact with all 3 of them and build the traffic, it’s too many to concentrate. Plus, if I’m going to sell my own product (which is graphic designs) where would I find the time to blog 3 of them and get decent traffic of 100,000 unique visitors in a month? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!! And so I have to choose ONE only. And so far, the one I have SUCCESS on blogging the MOST is my personal blog, which focus on graphic designs & social media marketing. When I put my affiliate link on that Paid Social Media Jobs, on that particular page ALONE there were like 100 unique visitors a day! Compare to when I was advertising this on the wrong blog (Health Matters) there were hardly any traffic there. 100 unique visitors may not sound a lot, but to me that is BIG. For being a beginner in blogging, to me that is a SUCCESS.

      Thank you, Joy, you are such a great friend for saying that. You know I read Steve Scott’s article (as a “guest” poster) on Adrienne Smith’s blog, he said he made $11,000 mistake. I only made $77 and so I don’t feel so bad compare to him. And that’s the reason why I bought his eBook…it talks about “I can show you how to make 6-figure in concentrating in just ONE niche.” I have never heard that before. Normally, I would see those who are operating on their “autopilot” having 100 blogs and make 6-figures. How they do that is beyond me! They could be doing plagiarizing someone’s article or what. And so, I have been contemplating…praying…please LEAD me to the right people to talk about my business. And now, I just read Adrienne & Steve’s article. I’m DONE listening to bizillion marketers selling me their ebooks, webinars, and all kinds of distractions I don’t need. FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS…I’m good at that. Once I FOCUS I never miss the target.

      Thank you so much for commenting, Joy. I appreciate you a lot. :)


      • says

        Hi Angela

        I’ve been enjoying THIS blog more, and feeling a bit “down” about my nutrition sites because one got badly hit with the Penguin update and I was getting a bit of “writer’s block” on them. However, just today I’ve had a bit of a boost in choosing topics to write about, so hopefully will be more motivated now.

        Yes, must focus.


  4. says

    Hi Angela,

    This is exactly what I went through when I started blogging. I had a careers niche site and a lose weight niche site. Eventually I had to let go of them and only concentrate on my current blog which really is the thing I’m passionate about the most.

    Of course there will be times when I will want to start new projects and experiment with other niches but I think it’s really to early to be all over the place.

    Well if I can grow a sustainable income online in 2-3 year I consider that get rich quick. Other people struggle more then 10, 20 years to live the life they dream of.

    Have an awesome day Angela.

    Philip recently posted…Bluehost Review: Affordable Web Hosting for Small Business WebsitesMy Profile

    • says

      OH WOW….

      Phillip, I’m so sorry…I just saw this comment just now. Dang, I missed seeing this and I dunno how I’ve missed this. Normally, it comes to my email to get my attention. Hmmmm…I was just trying to finish my article which is a continuation of this which is “Focus…Focus…Focus…” and that’s how I found your comment here sitting with no reply. I’m so sorry. I sincerely apologize for this.

      Exactly. That’s what I had to do with the other 2-existing blogs I had then (Health Matters; Love Sex & Marriage). When I read Steve Scott’s book that you can make 6-figures on just ONE niche, I have no second thoughts of dropping the rest. I am deeply passionate about Design & Marketing, Blogging, and there’s a lot to go around on this topic alone. I’ll never be out of topic to write. 😀

      I believe it’s good to FOCUS on just one niche in the beginning. Then, when your blog is pretty caught up with traffic and all that, it’s okay to create a 2nd blog and build it. But to have 1-4 blogs juggling in your hands, this can be nerve wrecking and exhausting. It’s like you’re trying to be the Jack Of All Trades but you end up Master Of None!

      Wow…that’s very awesome!!! You must be doing something RIGHT then if you are able to sustain an income from your blog in just a short time of 2-3 years! I’m still a baby blogger here, my blog is only 8 months old since January 2013. So far so good. Traffic comes slowly but surely. I’m pretty pleased. I’m getting heard and since I joined Triberr my blog have had 3M reach and it’s just a few months away. It is wonderfully AMAZING!!!!! Anyway…have an amazing Monday and…

      Have a great Labor Day!!


    • says

      …and oh I forgot to say, I haven’t seen you in a long time and so as soon as I’m done with my article writing it, I will come and visit you. I’m behind reading my friends blogs. Need to catch up.


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