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Google Plus just updated their old layout from that huge photo profile that takes almost half of your page to the NEW LOOK layout that you can see there on my video. Anyway, I’ve created a short video to demonstrate to you some of the updates. Including the new tool they added to put “text” on your photo.

Last Friday, I said I was going to start reading 4 of my friends blog and leave a comment. Lo and behold, we suddenly got disconnected from the Internet. There goes my panic attack. “What the heck!” Now what? I can’t access my Internet. And so I restarted my computer a couple of times to see if it was my computer acting up or what. Maybe it’s that DSL again stuck somewhere.

So when my husband came from work, right away I said, “Our Internet is not working!” And so he unplugged our DSL. Went to the the hallway to turn on and off the switches we have back there. Looks like there was nothing wrong with the switch. The DSL weren’t flashing. In order for the DSL to work, the lights must keep on flashing. As soon as the DSL started flashing, our Internet came back LIVE again.

But hey, there was this message “error” from AT&T either we weren’t connected or we haven’t paid our bill. I was disgusted and said to hubby, “The bill is not that much. So how come we’re late again?” He said, “I sent the payment the other day and maybe they haven’t got it yet. And since a lot of people are sending their Christmas Cards early, perhaps our payment is on hostage.”

…and so from there I said, “Guess I have no choice but to finish reading my books on Kindle.”


But you know I didn’t have a chance to finish the Writing Habit Mastery book by Steve Scott. It’s like every single of these books I’m reading I read maybe about 1/4 or 1/3 of the book, unfinished. Sounds familiar? *laughs* Yeah, it’s hard to finish them all in one day. I would have to read at least 3,000 words per minute in order for me to accomplish that.

The Benefit Of Google Plus

Instead, I started reading the Niche Website Success by Lisa Irby. This is the newest book I’ve purchased. Yeah, I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore books coz I can hardly breath with all of the books I bought on Amazon. But you know from reading Lisa’s book I found new nuggets.

I found out the social media Google Plus is on “dofollow.” So when you update…say you posted your new update from your blog or your friends post new updates on your Google Plus, Google will index this post right away. And whatever photo profile is available to them, that’s the one they are going to use.

Google Plus is the only one that is on “do follow” in comparison to other social network.

I know there are tons of social media out there. If you check them all you will be dizzy how many there are out there. And so the only social media that I used most of the time are the big 5: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Although Google is the number one search engine, their social media is still behind Facebook. But Google+ is rated number two in social media. Their rapid growth is way much better in comparison to Twitter then when they were just beginning to be more popular. Since we all used Google search engine, anything they launch is not to be ignored. We know anything they launch is excellent. And so far so good. Google Plus is doing pretty good as far as social media is concerned.

google plus update nov16 2013

Let Friends+Me help with your Google Plus…

Because of the new friendly user Friends+Me, posting on Google Plus is so much easier. Google+ becomes the main resource for all of your social media posting.

Friends+Me is FREE. But their free version gives you about 40 shares a month. However, this is available for premium users who wants to post “unlimited” posts on Google Plus. The Unlimited one cost $49.99/year ($4.99/month). And the Standard one cost $29.99/year ($2.99/month). Now I think this is a lot cheaper than Buffer who charge $10/month and Hootsuite who charge $30/month. I am not affiliated with this product. I’m just happy to share how awesome it is and how makes my life becomes easier.

…also for your latest update, Friends+Me can now schedule your posts without using DoShare. I haven’t tested the new schedule feature just yet and so if you ask me how, I don’t know how. But I will create another video about this as soon as I figure out how to do it. But don’t let me stop you, you can explore this on your own. When you figure it out, let me know how it goes.

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    • says

      Hey Harish,

      Welcome to my blog! It’s good to see you here. Took me by surprise. 😀 Anyway, I sure will. As soon as I find out I will announce it. I actually emailed Alois Belaska (founder of Friends+Me) directly and so far I haven’t got no answer.

      Until later,

  1. Susan Neal says

    Hi Angela – thanks for a great share. Loved the video – didn’t realise you could add text to photos like that. I must admit, I don’t post much to G+, other than sharing blog posts, but it’s useful to know how to do it. I was also interested in your point about the fact that when something’s posted to G+ it helps it to get indexed more quickly.

    Many thanks – by the way, there’s a strange little message at the end of your post that looks like this:


    Not sure what it means?

    • says

      Hey Sue,

      Thank you very much, girlfriend. Yes, I didn’t know that either until I read Lisa Irby’s book. You can tell that Google wants you to use their own platform of Google+ instead of Facebook, Linkedin, or other platform. And so why wouldn’t they use their own instead? *laughs*

      Also, I noticed when I posted my latest article of “How To Make Your Website Hummingbird Compliant” post on Google+, I did a TEST. I entered “hummingbird” on Google search engine and I appeared number #2 on this search. Now, dunno if others SEE same thing but on my end I see it. Could be something just me being in the same location. Or whatever. Anyway, I want to tell you also that ever since they updated to Hummingbird, my traffic BOOST up pretty good. From 600 unique visitors to 1,500+ unique visitors…3,798 page views…so guess hummingbird do me good.

      This 403***DENIED***403 is my Chitika ad. It does that sometime. I am using Ad Injection plugin for this and guess the new plugin isn’t compliant to the new wordpress!? Um, I dunno. I do have the CODE to insert on my site. So I haven’t change anything just yet. But I’m gonna…one of these days.

      Anyway, thanks for the compliment. You know, I read your post “A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?” but I haven’t commented there yet and now I’m going there…


      • Harish says

        When you do a Google search with signed into Google, you will get to see all the relevant sites. Now since you are logged into Google/Google+, Google knows who you are and knows what you are looking for and it serves you content which is most relevant to you. The content that you author is the most relevant for you hence you show up on the first page. If you want to get the search results as they appear to normal public, either log out of Google OR start a in private browsing. Something I learnt from an expert in a webinar. So I guess now you know the reason why you showed up on top ;-)…nevertheless it was a good post on Hummingbird.

        • says

          I realize that, Harish. :) The content that I authored that’s most relevant to me appear first. Thanks for telling me how to find out the search results. I appreciate it. I’ll see you around…


  2. says

    Hey Angela,

    I didn’t know about this update…thanks for telling us about it. More so, I appreciate you showing me. I like to look at an example to get it down first.

    Ugh, I hate having internet connection problems…but that only happens when it rains darn UVerse lol.

    I really love the pictures you’ve been sharing. I see them on Facebook but i have made it a goal to interact more on Google+…so you’ll start to see me on there more frequently :).

    Hope you’re doing well hon! Have a great new week! Talk to ya in the socialsphere!
    Corina Ramos recently posted…Monday Work-from-Home Job Lead Madness For 11-18-13My Profile

    • says

      Hey Corina,

      Oh good, girlfriend. I thought everyone knows. So I thought I might as well post this coz I don’t see too many people are doing it. The new update for me is perfect because I always post photos my own photography and/or repost photos from G+ communities. This makes G+ much more fun. :)

      I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s like cutting my right arm. Without the Internet, I can’t do much. I can’t finish the unfinish business that I needed to do.

      Thank you for saying that, Corina. Glad you enjoy those photos. I have a positive feeling that you’re gonna love Google+. They’re making this easier for us to share. So yay!!

      You too sweetie, enjoy the rest of the week. See you soon…


  3. says

    Hey Angela,

    I like the new banner layout so much better. That timeline photo was WAY too big for me. Every time I would go to search for something it would scroll down and I found that so annoying. I like this layout so much better.

    I wasn’t aware of the text feature for the photos but I always add that before I even upload the photo to any of my sites. I’m sure those that don’t know how to do that though will find this feature kind of fun.

    Sorry you had issues with the internet connection. I can sympathize because it’s like you’re dead in the water without it. When you work online that’s never fun.

    Thanks for sharing the new scoop and have an awesome day.

    Adrienne recently posted…11 Essentials of Social NetworkingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      First time I saw the banner update I didn’t like it but now I do. Guess, I got used to seeing that huge banner…first time I saw it way back then I didn’t like it either but grew to like it everyday. And now I’m sure I’ll grow to like it more and more, everyday I see it. I’m very adaptable when it comes to this.

      I do that too on Photoshop. Sometimes I put text on there but then the hassle of uploading the photo from the community to my hard drive…opening photoshop…add text…save it and then add to my G+ is such a long process sometime. When I want something quick in my mind and just wanna do it ALL in one place, I think the new feauture is efficient. Forgot to say…you can also use different fonts from serif to script. So guess that’s their other option.

      Guess, reason why AT&T doesn’t get our payment right away is…hubby is still using the antiquated way of paying bills. And this is via paper. I think he should use the bill pay, paperless!! It’s a lot faster. He may not know this coz he’s not too savvy when it comes to computer. He just do eBay and that’s about it. But I don’t think he access much his bank online. Everything is Paypal.

      Thank you for taking the time to come and commenting on my blog. I always appreciate all of your time and effort. It means a lot to me. And thank you for being such an awesome person!


  4. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Ah, so that’s why Google Plus was acting all weird (I thought it was an error – I couldn’t see any of my posts).

    Being able to add text is great, I just wish it had more features (like custom fonts). Google did buy online Picnik – online picture editor – recently, and they took it down (They have been doing that for a while now. Buying out companies/products and shutting them down). Perhaps they can integrate that tool into Google Plus.

    Anyways, thanks for the update, Angela :) Appreciate it! Hope you get your internet back soon 😀

    • says

      Hi Jeevan,

      Me too. I thought Google was malfunctioning. It keeps throwing me back to this “new layout” and what happened to that huge cover layout? LOL. So yeah, that’s why. :)

      I think custom fonts will come in time. But, you have a few fonts there you can select. Did you see it on the right hand side? I forgot to include this on my video. Is that right? So….Google bought the photo editor Picnic…um dunno about this one but I’ll check it out later. Thanks for telling me.

      So many things to update. Google updates their feature before I can even learn one and there goes the NEXT…does Google think we have no life? That we are here online 24/7. So guess I just have to learn as much as it allows me. Anyway, have a great weekend. And you’re welcome!

      Oh, I got my Internet back since last Saturday morning. Anyhoo, catch you later…


      • Jeevan Jacob John says

        I didn’t see it. Might be my mistake, thanks for letting me know :)

        Yeah, they bought and shut it down (I still don’t they bought it in the first place. If you are just going to shut down a awesome, free service, why buy it in the first place?).

        Thanks :) I wish you the same.

        Good to hear that 😀

        • says

          I tell ya they do stupid things online. Look at Tumblr. Yahoo bought this for like 1 billion and in my opinion, I think Tumblr sucks! I hate posting there. If it wasn’t for Friends+Me getting all the Google Plus posts reposted in Tumblr, I wouldn’t do it. Tumblr confuse the heck out of me. I cannot respond to a comment. And when I want to comment on some of the posts there, I cannot find it anywhere. UGH. They give me a headache. I still don’t think that social media is worth 1 billion dollars.

          Anyway, Google can do stupid things at times…maybe the CEO were drunk when he bought Picnik. Anyhoo, wish you have a warm weekend.


  5. Alx says

    I did not know this update for Google Plus but it is quite clear that is becoming a very important tool for online promotion which compete with Facebook, Twitter and seems to take from them all that is good, becoming a kind of pack with everything in order to find them more interesting from now.

    • says

      Hi Alx,

      Yes. Google+ is getting there and with the help of Friends+Me, it’s also becoming more “friendly user.” I think that’s what Google want for G+. Makes it easier for us bloggers to use!


  6. says


    What a helpful post! I love Google+ but a bit confused with all it’s changes. Well, there is ALWAYS changes aren’t they? I’ve been so busy with other things, that this one has slipped under the wire for me. I noticed that things were a bit weird, but due to your video, now I know why.
    Thanks so much for keeping us posted and keep up the good work!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Using An Avatar When BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Donna,

      Oh yes, me too. I thought Google+ was malfunctioning til later I figured out it was their update. Guess a lot of people like the new update because they don’t really like that big cover before. Sorry for delayed the response…

      Thank you, Donna, for commenting on my blog. Appreciate it very much. Keep yourself warm and have a great weekend.


  7. Heru Prasetyono says

    Very cool video demonstation of google update. Indeed, Google development is always attracting people’s attetion.
    Google always finds its way to attract people and make it always on top and the best search engine. It also provides people with what they need not only information but also entertainment, business etc.
    Now it is up to us how we can make use of it in accordance with our needs.
    Thanks for sharing good posting and nice video.

    • says

      Hi Heru,

      Thank you very much, glad you like that video. :)

      Yeah. Google+ is making it to the top. So far it’s the number #2 social media around the world. So it’s getting up there. Next thing we know it’ll be number #1 platform.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you have a Happy New Year!!


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